Tactical game sheets

Tactical game sheets
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Tactical game sheets

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Invasion games

Teams score when they move an implement into the opposing team’s zone and successfully attack their goal/target area. Tactical Problems related to Invasion Games include Maintaining Possession, Attacking/Defending a Goal, Winning the Ball, etc.

Net and Wall Games

Players/Teams score by hitting an object into a court space in such a way that the opposing player/team cannot hit it back within the allowed amount of bounces. Tactical Problems related to Net and Wall Games include setting up an attack, moving the opponent, etc.

Striking and Fielding Games

Players on the batting team strike an object and attempt to run between two points before the fielding team can recuperate the object. Tactical Problems related to Striking and Fielding Games include striking the object, fielding the object, running the points.

Target Games

Players score when an object they have thrown or struck lands closest to a pre-determined target. Tactical Problems related to Target Games include throwing the object, calculating distance, etc.

Pursuit and Evade Games

Players must move within a playing area while attempting to tag other players and avoiding being tagged. Tactical Problems related to Pursuit and Evade Games include tagging players, moving within space, evading players, etc.

Cooperation Activities

Students need to work together to find solutions to the various challenges that the activities present.

Foundational Movement Activities

Students will need to develop various locomotor skills throughout a variety of physical activity settings.

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